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Rabu, 20 Oktober 2010

Suzuki recall 282,000 units of Swift from the market worldwide.

Suzuki announced that it will recall more than 282 thousand units of Swift from the market worldwide .Withdrawal by the largest manufacturer in Japan's number four was performed on approximately 282,617 units of Swift and three other models because of suspected disabilities especially in the glass in the door.

In recognition of Japan's Ministry of Transport as detikOto quoted by Reuters on Friday (10/15/2010) Suzuki said that when the car vibrates a strong possibility of the screws in this section will be loosened so that it can cause the glass off.

Action This recall involves 90,617 units of Swift and three other car models in Japan and about 192,000 cars sold outside Japan. Until now there have been 77 complaints related to it but did not cause an accident.

The plan movement mainstay Suzuki hatchback car recall will begin on Saturday and also will affect vehicles sold 19,426 units of Suzuki to Nissan Motor Co.

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