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Senin, 21 Juni 2010

World's Largest Car Museum

World's Largest Car Museum

Washington - A founder of the waste management business in Washington, United States, Harold E. LeMay entered the world record book aka the Guinness Book of World Records because it managed to make a car museum with a collection of most cars.

No half-hearted, this museum LeMay's even a 3000 car in the space showroom. Because that's not surprising the museum into a museum in the world's largest automaker.

The birth of the museum was started in 1998 when LeMay formed a nonprofit organization, Harold E. LeMay Museum which has the purpose to collect the car and display it to the public. When he died in 2000, his wife Nancy will continue to develop such an ambitious project.The museum stood in Tacoma, United States and was completed in 2007 started earlier with a curved roof design and the many uses of glass.

Development funds obtained from the museum itself is a joint venture of various parties. Tacoma local government provides funding to U.S. $ 10.7 million and planning grants amounting to U.S. $ 1 million.

While Nancy LeMay provide up to U.S. $ 15 million to realize the dream of her husband plus U.S. $ 11 million from Washington State and U.S. $ 1.6 from auto club AAA.

It is estimated that the museum is able to carry 425 thousand visitors every year and donate U.S. $ 34 million annually for the revenue area.

Because the vast exhibition area which could accommodate 500 units of vehicles and various support spaces such as shopping, dining and entertainment center, LeMay car museum is certain to attract visitors to enter visitors despite U.S. $ 15 fee charged for tours during the two hours.

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