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Senin, 19 Juli 2010

Tiny cars designed environmentally friendly

Tiny cars designed environmentally friendly (eco-friendly) .Most British people again fever cars or hydrogen fuel cells. The car was primarily for use in the city. Understandably, the major cities pollution worse. One city in England that also introduce hydrogen cars are the creations of its citizens of Leicester. Hydrogen cars are introduced is quite interesting. Shaped like roller skates rollerskate alias.

This car is made by a Riversimpel, a company in town that specialize in designing and making environmentally friendly vehicles. Although not provide detail dimensions, the company released information about the performance of these cars.

Cars can be carrying two people (including the driver) can drive at maximum speed of 80 km / hr. Once the contents of the tank, hydrogen cars could be used to travel as far as 360 km.

Body made of lightweight composite materials so that the car weights only 350 kg. With this addition, the fuel consumption with gasoline-diseterakan-reaching 78 km / liter. No less interesting, out of the exhaust gas bukannlah carbon gases, but the water droplets. Best of energy used can be updated and we do not have to worry about broke down world oil prices.

To attract the public, Leicester City Council had rented this car. Rent, if dikurs, approximately $ 300 per month. Gains derived by a tenant, is the cost of fuel that is super efficient!

For information, the first project between Leicester City Council and Riversimpel, a total of 5000 cars will be made. The car was currently being tested, especially for use in residential areas. The project is expected to be executed in 2012, is also collaborating with the University of De Montfort University of Leicester and to determine the location of hydrogen filling stations.

The prototype of this car will be shown exclusively at the Silverstone circuit. He apparently also been introduced on 10 June at De Montfort Hall Leicester.

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